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Welcome To SSE Worldwide Group of Companies

The company was established in 1998. The main motive was to make film studios total complete facilities for film making in India and abroad, particularly in (DELHI,HIMACHAL,UTTARAKHAND) western India at (PUNE,MUMBAI) and in southern India at (CHENNAI AND HYDRABAD). To raise additional funds and to fulfill the big dreams of promoters for big projects the company also took up some other objects in other fields. This has shown good growth in agriculture sector. In no time Sunrise Studios and Entertainment Limited widely known as SSEL became a famous known name and at present a multinational organization with global presence based in New Delhi India.

SSEL is better known for their agriculture products having medicinal, antioxidant, spicy, nutritious, immunity-developing, traditional and herbal properties with zero (no) adverse effects and have most essential ingredients required for good healthy life. Now it is known fact that raw agricultural products have natural qualitative properties and easy to consume, have natural qualitative properties and easy to consume in a much more pure fresh and better natural way by human digestive system. It is more effective than chemical medicines etc. SSEL products are pure organic and free from use of (harmful) chemicals, grown and cultivated in natural way under natural climatic conditions.
SSEL was incorporated on June 10, 1998. Within a short span of time, the company has incessantly moved up the ladder of success through innovation, integrity and perseverance. Our company is one of the most reputed Diversified Group of Companies in Delhi with operations spread throughout Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Sirmor. The basis of this pre-eminence is our long established business philosophy. Quite simply, it is one of complete sync of interest with our clients at all times. It is an attitude of mind.

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